Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana

CNARED or homecoming notebook

The relationship between CNARED and the Government makes me think of those words of Didier Barbelivien singing: “Come back, we will live hand in hand, the adventure with you is so good …, ” because the question of CNARED’s return to the country is no longer taboo. It all began far, far away towards the […] (...)

Diène Commission vs Bujumbura : Dialogue of the deaf

Human rights violations, 2020 elections, dwindling of political space … all these topics were discussed at the Human Rights Council. The members of the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi did not go in for subtleties. Bujumbura, as usual, speaks about the plot to destabilize its institutions. Commission of Inquiry on Burundi did not go in […] (...)

Show of strength between Bujumbura and AU?

Burundi has been on a diplomatic offensive since 19 February. It wanted that the decision of the AU to withdraw 1000 Burundian soldiers from AMISOM be revised. With the support of the Somali president, Bujumbura engaged in fighting a losing battle. A calendar was clearly established. From 28 February, 1,000 soldiers of the Burundian contingent […] (...)

Cankuzo:Tanzania, El Dorado

Migrating to Tanzania in search of a job is the dream of many unemployed youths from Cendajuru commune in Cankuzo province. The authorities want to create jobs to keep them. Samuel Nzeyimana, 24, from Kiruhura area in Cendajuru commune, says he went to Tanzania looking for a job. He reveals that most young people in […] (...)

CNL to be alternative to CNDD-FDD?

The second political force has a political party now. Does it mark a watershed in the Burundian political landscape? And what will be the fate of Amizero y’Abarundi coalition? On February 14, The Ministry of the Interior approved the National Congress for Liberty-CNL. The big surprise is that the latter was less optimistic. Today, everyone […] (...)

CNL, new party of Rwasa

The Ministry of the Interior approved, on Thursday, February 14, the National Congress for Liberty “Ubugabo si urucumu” party of Agathon Rwasa. Outburst of joy on the opposition side. Suspense is over now. The Minister of the Interior issued an ordinance No. 530/237 approving the new party. Since last September, ex-members of Amizero y’Abarundi coalition […] (...)

Kirundo: Drought threatens population in Busoni commune

People in some areas of Busoni commune in Kirundo province have been suffering famine since the last three months. The drought that has been observed from October 2018 is the cause. The victims call for help. The provincial administration mobilizes the population for the collection of food to assist the most affected families. At least […] (...)

EAC summit: Burundian dialogue put in the background

Benjamin Mkapa has announced the end of a deadlocked facilitation and the EAC Heads of state have decide that the question of dialogue will be dealt with later, etc. The summit ignored the Burundian crisis. They put off the question of the inter-Burundian dialogue indefinitely. The 21st of the 22 points that constitute the conclusions […] (...)

EAC Summit: Between hope and despair

While the Burundian dialogue is deadlocked, a summit of Heads of State of the sub-region is being held this Friday, 1 February. What can we expect from this session? Some of the answers. Burundians have held their breath on the eve of the summit. Optimists speak of the summit of last chance. They hope that […] (...)

Karusi: prices of Brarudi drinks soar due to closure of Mega SSD

The prices of Brarudi products have been increased in Karusi province since the end of last December. The closure of the local Mega SSD would be the root cause. Théodosie Cishahayo is the representative of Mega SSD Karusi. This fifty- year-old widow who says to have lived in Karusi since 1990 says that the governor […] (...)
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