Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana


Agathon Rwasa and FNL party make one

The representatives of the coalition Amizero y’Abarundi (FNL fraction) met on Wednesday 12 September. The item on the agenda was the creation of a political party. The boss of the second largest political force in the country has a great challenge: to have a political party. This Wednesday, more than 500 coalition leaders from all […] (...)

China disposed to reinforce cooperation with Burundi, says Ambassador LI Changlin

On the occasion of the closing of the summit of the Beijing Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, LI Changlin, Chinese Ambassador to Burundi has said China is disposed to reinforce cooperation with Burundi in infrastructure, energy and agriculture domains. Ambassador Li has said China is going to give a financial aid of 300 million Yuan to […] (...)

Commission of inquiry on Burundi releases damning report on Bujumbura

On September 5, the commission of inquiry on Burundi published a report in Geneva. It again portrays a bleak situation of human rights violations. The Burundian president is implicated. It is the first time that the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi directly implicates the President of the Republic in calls for hatred and violence. “This […] (...)

National Assembly approves new National Electoral Commission

The new National Independent Electoral Commission was approved by the National Assembly on Wednesday August 29, 2018. MPs from Amizero y’Abarundi coalition were absent. Bujumbura government surprised everyone by sending a list of seven members of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) for approval. The secret was well kept. At Iwacu, the coverage invitation by […] (...)

Facilitation office to put an end to dialog process

The “last” session of the talks would be held soon. But the results of Mkapa’s work remain very mixed. The opposition accuses him of having not been able to organize real inclusive talks to date. During its last visit, the delegation of Mkapa-led facilitation was able to convince Bujumbura to participate in the next round […] (...)

Kafando report on Burundi situation surprises opposition

The report that Kafando submitted to the UN Security Council caused a surprise. He salutes a new “dynamic”. Bujumbura government rejoices while the opposition is furious. Long in the dock since the 2015 crisis, the Burundian government seems to have convinced the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General. Indeed, it is a real plea […] (...)

Flare- up of tensions between Burundi and Rwanda

Kigali accuses its neighbor of serving as a breeding ground for armed groups behind attacks which were carried out in some Rwandan localities bordering Burundi. Bujumbura denies accusations. The hatchet is far from being buried. The population living near the border with Rwanda report that there is a military reinforcement in these localities. What the […] (...)

Mandela hard with everyone, witnesses say

On July 18, the world celebrates the birth of Nelson Mandela. In Burundi, this personality played a crucial role in the resolution of the 1993 crisis. Nelson Mandela cherished the ideal of a free and democratic society in which all the people would live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. He succeeded Julius Nyerere […] (...)

Iwacu pays tribute to Jean Bigirimana, two years after his disappearance

On Friday, July 22, 2016, Jean Bigirimana, Iwacu journalist was reported missing to not be back any more. This Sunday, July 22, 2018, it was exactly two years day after day since he disappeared. His colleagues reaffirm their commitment to seeking the truth about his going missing and staying professional. In the morning of Sunday, […] (...)

European parliament adopts new resolution on Burundi

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Burundi this July 12. It builds a rather bleak picture of the situation prevailing in Burundi. Bujumbura government speaks about slander on the country. It is a serious charge. The European legislature expresses its deep concern about permanent impunity, summary executions, torture, enforced disappearances and arbitrary detentions. The […] (...)
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