Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana

Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana-Journaliste

Opposition united against referendum process

Internal opposition leaders and those in exile met from 26 to 27 January in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective of their meeting was to oppose the constitutional referendum. It’s a race against the clock to make every effort to block the draft constitutional revision. The hour is serious and the opposition is not allowed to continue […] (...)

Money or letter

If you contribute, that’s very fine. If you do not want to, no problem, but write it down. That’s the choice left to Burundian citizens. “The contribution is individual and not collective” stated Bujumbura government during the social dialogue with labor unions on Thursday 25 January. Three ministers of the Interior, Public Service and Finance […] (...)

Opposition to contribution to 2020 elections

36 unions and the parliamentary group from Amizero y’Abarundi coalition have protested against the withdrawal of money from workers’ salary to contribute to the elections in 2020. They denounce the use of force. Voices are raised to challenge the joint order of the Ministers of the Interior and Finance establishing the modalities of the contribution […] (...)

US Ambassador to Burundi visits American Corner Gitega

Anne Casper paid a visit to Gitega American Corner on Tuesday, 16 January 2018. She was with Christopher Smith (Public Affairs Officer) and Rafael Foley (Acting Director of Department of State’s office of Central African Affairs). Speaking to the audience, Mr Foley emphasized the role played by the American Corners in helping learners of English […] (...)

Resigning National Electoral Commission?

Some government delegates are already campaigning for yes in the upcoming constitutional referendum. This is not the moment, says the National Independent Electoral Commission –CENI, which said it does not have the power to stop the government from campaigning for the referendum. “The campaign for yes or no to the revision of the Constitution is […] (...)

FNL rebel movement chief of staff dismissed

Major General Aloys Nzabampema and the president of this rebel movement, Isidore Nibizi have been dismissed from their functions, reads a statement issued on Friday, January 5, by Major General Felix Ntahonkuriye on behalf of the “FNL Movement Rehabilitation Committee”. The dismissed chief of staff is accused of divulging the secrets of the movement by […] (...)

Agathon Rwasa: “CNDD-FDD persecutes me”

The First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly speaks of a unilateral removal of his military guard. He sees behind this an ill intent by the ruling party. Agathon Rwasa deplores what he describes as the persecution by the ruling CNDD-FDD. The cause is the removal of the soldiers who guarded him without any explanation. […] (...)

2020 elections: Independents out?

The draft revision of the Constitution submitted to the referendum of May 2018 redefines an independent during an electoral process. Amizero y’Abarundi Coalition denounces a strategy aimed at excluding it from the election. “He/she is considered as independent, the candidate who has not identified with any political party for at least a year and asserts […] (...)

Referendum: Fool’s bargain?

Burundi President has warned against anyone who will try to make propaganda against the draft Constitution. According to the ruling party, the time has not yet come to campaign for or against the referendum scheduled for May 2018. The opposition speaks of political cheating. “We take this opportunity to warn those who would attempt to […] (...)

Straight towards Constitution amendment

The Head of State solemnly launched the campaign for the referendum on the amendment to the Constitution in Bugendana on December 12. The event sparked controversy. In the place long intended for the construction of the international airport, the population was present since the morning of December 12, 2017. There were no distinctive signs of […] (...)
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