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Many questions over president’s announcement

Over the past few days, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he will not seek another term in the next elections. Some people believe it is rather an opening. On the day of the promulgation of the new Constitution, the president surprised everyone when he publicly said he would not seek another term. It was the […] (...)

New Constitution and possible departure of President Pierre Nkurunziza in 2020

On Thursday 7 June 2018, Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza promulgated the new Constitution in Gitega province which replaces that of 2005. It was an opportunity for him to recall that his term in office will end in 2020. In the presence of several high authorities, President Nkurunziza promulgated this new Constitution around 11 o’clock in […] (...)

Burundi: UK criticizes constitutional referendum and calls for government engagement in regional mediation

On the occasion of the celebration of the Queen’s Birthday Party in Burundi this June 6th, 2018, Jo Lomas, UK non resident Ambassador to Burundi has said the UK has criticized the recently held constitutional referendum saying it was not in the best interests of peace and stability in the region. “We will continue to […] (...)

Constitutional Court validates referendum results

The final results of the constitutional referendum of May 17 were announced this Thursday, May 31. Unsurprisingly, the Constitutional Court validated the provisional results as given by the electoral commission. The verdict was differently appreciated. The Constitutional Court decided that the referendum was conducted in accordance with the law. The draft Constitution of the Republic […] (...)

Constitutional referendum: Peaceful but riddled with irregularities

On May 17, 2018, Burundian citizens eligible to vote woke up early in the morning to cast a vote for or against the draft of the new Constitution. 5,008,742 voters were expected for this constitutional referendum to which they massively responded to. The vote went well overall although a few irregularities were recorded in many […] (...)

OLUCOME denounces the use of State funds

The chairman of OLUCOME, a corruption watchdog, deplores the use of state vehicles and public funds in the referendum campaign. He also denounces the transport of activists in trucks. “The observatory for the fight against corruption and economic embezzlement, OLUCOME, is taken aback by the use of government-owned vehicles and public funds by the ruling […] (...)

Referendum campaign

The “Yes” or “No” campaign for constitutional revision is in ongoing. While some appreciate a smooth process, others speak of a campaign of intimidation.   Mabanda : The Imbonerakure, real lawmakers Since the beginning of the referendum campaign, the Imbonerakure- youth affiliated to the ruling party-reign supreme. On Friday May 4, they ordered traders in […] (...)

Buganda: 26 dead and 7 wounded in an attack

Twenty four people died on the spot and two others at the hospital after their evacuation in Bujumbura city. This has been said this Saturday, May 12, by Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security, after an attack perpetrated in the night of this Friday in Ruhagarika area of Buganda commune in Cibitoke province, in the […] (...)

Referendum campaign kick-off

Since May 2nd, Burundian politicians have been busy campaigning for or against the revision of the Constitution throughout the country. According to the presidential decree of April 24, political parties and independents will have to run a campaign and convince Burundians to vote for or against the new Constitution until May 14. Iwacu reporters who […] (...)

UPRONA : Arusha spirit infinitely variable

UPRONA members are called on to vote “yes” in the upcoming constitutional referendum. The decision was taken on Saturday, April 21 at the end of a regular session of the Central Committee. Olivier Nkurunziza, Secretary General of the party, assures that this instruction is in line with the spirit of the Arusha Agreement. False, says […] (...)
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