Innocent Habonimana

Innocent Habonimana

Iwacu asks for protection for endangered family of missing journalist Jean Birigirimana

On the 11th month of the disappearance of former Iwacu journalist Jean Bigirimana, his employer calls on the government to protect the journalist’s threatened family. Iwacu calls on the government to guarantee the security for its missing journalist’s family that says it’s in danger because of death threats it has received. The last death threat […] (...)

New threat to wife of missing journalist: “you will soon join him …”

“We will not be held accountable for your blood”, says the author of the threat. The wife of Jean Bigirimana, the former Iwacu journalist who went missing from July 2016, has received a chilling message threatening her with death, a second threat she has received in the last three months. The author, an unidentified “police […] (...)

Murder of wife by husband highlights criminal homicide peculiarity about Kirundo province

The northern province of Kirundo is peculiarly rife with criminal homicide between spouses. The police say they cannot explain the phenomenon. The latest case: a man fatally battered his wife on Monday around midnight, the police report. Gabriel Nyabenda fatally injured his wife, Francine Nsengimana. The reports say he battered her with an empty bottle […] (...)

No health care assistance for albinos, six “face impending death from skin cancer”

The representative of albinos in Burundi says six known albinos might die of skin cancer due to the lack of health care assistance. The lack of health care assistance will soon lead to the death of at least six albinos, says Kassim Kazungu, the Chairman of Albinos Sans Frontières-Burundi (Albinos without Borders). He says the […] (...)

Lack of “tactical discipline” has caused South-Sudan to lose match to Burundi

South-Sudan football team coach has admitted his players’ mistake cost them the African Cup of Nations qualifier with Burundi that feared them. The national team of South-Sudan suffered a 3-0 embarrassing defeat in an African Cup of Nations (CAN) match with Burundi because it lacked tactical discipline, according to Bilal Felix Komoyangi, the team’s head […] (...)

Electricity: Rolling blackouts to give way to higher prices

Some consumers wonder whether the shortage of electricity they have experienced over the last months has been caused by the fact that they were paying little. After several months of getting electricity on rolling blackouts, residents of Bujumbura city will “soon” start receiving the electricity normally, but at higher prices, says the Ministry of Energy […] (...)

Burundi media regulator speaks for press freedom

The government media regulator authority speaks against administrative officials’ interference with the freedom of journalists. The chairman of National Media Regulator (CNC) urges administrative authorities to stop hampering the work of accredited journalists. In a meeting Ramadhan Karenga, the Chairman of CNC, held this Tuesday with media professionals, he said administrative officials of all ranks […] (...)

Import duties exoneration for foodstuffs may be profiting importers, not consumers

Prices of imported food products that have been exempted from customs duties have hardly decreased. Consumers think importers are taking advantage of the tax-exemption. The Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) is worried that the government measure to exonerate certain imported food products may be profiting importers who may have kept prices high. Sources from the […] (...)

Burundi boosts its explosive disposal and ammunition stock control capacity

The training seeks to prevent potential devastating incidents in country that is at high risks of accidental explosions, according to the Mines Advisory Group (MAG). Until last week Burundi police had only three officers qualified to dispose of explosives. Eleven new officers of the civil protection police received a five-day training in destroying excess, obsolete […] (...)

Political opponents accuse ruling Cndd-Fdd of children indoctrination to hate

Some opponents accuse Cndd-Fdd of indoctrinating children to hate. The accusations were sparked by a video that was shared on social media showing children chanting and singing what some viewers labelled as hate speech. A video showing children affiliated to the ruling Cndd-Fdd party chanting derogatory words against those who are responsible for bloody events […] (...)