Bella Lucia Nininahazwe

“A child-a roof, far from being reality in Burundi” says activist

The number of street children in different cities of Burundi grows day by day. Children’s rights activist asks for the government’s collaboration to improve their living conditions. The study conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies-ISTEEBU shows that 3253 children were living on the streets in the cities of Bujumbura, Ngozi and Gitega […] (...)

ICC affair: When the EAC gets involved

Tanzanian and Ugandan Presidents condemn the International Criminal Court (ICC) decision to investigate Burundi. The Heads of State say this measure hampers efforts to promote peace in Burundi. Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli went to meet his Ugandan counterpart in Masaka, Uganda on Sunday 11 November. At the end of their meeting, they set about […] (...)

Antibiotics are developing resistance due to auto-medication, researches indicate

Different researches show that antibiotics are building up resistance at a high level. Health professionals ask both the government and population to get involved. From 20 to 50 % antibiotics are used inappropriately. According to a research done by health professionals from January to September 2017 in Bujumbura area, one of the main reasons which […] (...)

Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media that don’t comply with its regulations

Burundi Media Regulator-CNC warns media houses that will not conform to its rules and regulations will not work in Burundi from 2018. Journalists should be registered and media should sign a specification note. Burundi Media Regulator-CNC says it will not be easy for media houses that will not have registered their journalists before the end […] (...)

Human trafficking keeps on increasing, victims’ families ask for help

More than 356 women and girls are victims of human trafficking since January 2017. Cases of people who leave families are observed in Bujumbura popular neighbourhoods. Some women decide to abandon their families to go to the Gulf Countries. The most popular neighbourhoods namely Kinama and Kamenge are the ones that suffer most from human […] (...)

Less than 35% of Burundians do diabetes screening

While we celebrate the World Diabetes Day, Burundians still suffer in silence because they do not do diabetes screening. Only less than 35% have done it. The Burundians’ habit to go to hospital when seriously sick is a real handicap to fight diabetes. Nkurunziza Innocent, chairman of PNILMCNT (Integrated National Program against Chronic and Non-Transferable […] (...)

Entrepreneurship in Burundi: Not easy but possible…

Despite various handicaps to entrepreneurship in Burundi such as the limited access to finance, lack of entrepreneurial spirit and the Burundian culture, some young Burundians have proved that entrepreneurship is possible. Allegria Nduwimana is a young entrepreneur who produces biodegradable packaging. Grown up in a club promoting the protection of the environment, she thought about […] (...)

Gender differences, reality in Burundian public institutions, research shows

Gender inequality is observed in public institutions in Burundi. An on-going research conducted by PNRA and supported by UNDP reveals that women are underrepresented. Women leaders suggested some strategies to fill the gap. In the public administration, women are poorly represented. The research reveals that women are represented at 40% against 60 % of men. […] (...)

Adopted bill on trader insolvency to help reduce bankruptcy risks?

Burundi National Assembly adopted a bill on trader insolvency on 08 November, 2017. The new law will allow insolvent businessmen to lodge a complaint and the institutions to sue foreign traders unable to pay debts even outside the country. Some MPs questions its efficiency. Traders who go bankrupt or who are unable to pay back […] (...)

Public administration sector cannot develop without women

The role of Burundian women in the development of the country is irreplaceable. This was said by different authorities during a session on women’s capacity building on public administration this November 07, 2017. “Burundian women play a key role in the development of the country in general and public institution in particular. Burundi has experienced […] (...)