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ASF Burundi to close its office in Bujumbura by December 31

Avocats Sans Frontières–ASF, a foreign NGO involved in defending human rights and access to justice says it will close its office in Bujumbura by December 31, 2018. In a note made public this 17 December, ASF-Lawyers Without Borders- has said it is not able to continue working in Burundi. “After careful consideration, we believe that […] (...)

Ombudsman concerned over correspondences between Uganda and Burundi presidents

After a meeting with different presidents of commissions and councils of human rights operating in Burundi this 13 December 2018, Burundi Ombudsman has said he is concerned about the recent exchange of letters between the presidents of Uganda and Burundi. Edouard Nduwimana, Burundi Ombudsman, says the president of Uganda wants to show to his Burundian […] (...)

Burundi: Attorney General reacts to BBC report about human rights violation

In a press conference held this December 12, 2018, the Attorney General of the Republic refuted the accusations made in a video report by the BBC. On December 4, the British television channel BBC aired a video in which Burundi security services are accused of running secret torture and detention sites to silence the opposition. […] (...)

Farmers from Bujumbura and Rumonge acknowledge OAP support

While the Self Support Promotion Organization-OAP is celebrating 25 years this 11 December 2018 working with rural people in different sectors, farmers appreciate its support. “I used to harvest a small quantity of crops because of lack of fertilizers and appropriate farming techniques. When OAP started to support us, everything changed. Today I can harvest […] (...)

UDHR: Burundi needs financial support to respect human rights

Burundi government appeals to foreign partners to financially support the country so that it can reinforce human rights. The Minister in charge of human rights said it during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UDHR in Gatumba commune, Bujumbura province this December 10, 2018. Martin Nivyabandi, Minister in charge […] (...)

Police officer who killed his wife condemned to life sentence

A sentence of life imprisonment and a fine of BIF 50 million to be given to the family of the killed wife is the punishment given to Prime Nduwimana, a police officer who has killed his wife on Wednesday 5 December 2018. This was decided in an urgent penal procedure this 7 December 2018. The […] (...)

New CVR president promises to abide by law

During the handover of responsibilities from the old to the new team of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR, the new president of the commission has promised to go by the book. Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, new president of CVR, has said the newly appointed commission will work according to the law. “My team and I will […] (...)

Burundi government rejects AUPSC request

The Peace and Security Council of the African Union urges the Government of Burundi to sign the Memorandum of Understanding with the African Union on the Deployment of Human Rights Observers and Military Experts. Diomede Nzeyimana, Deputy Spokesman for Burundi President, says there is no need for a memorandum of understanding because Burundi is a […] (...)

ASSUR holds general meeting to promote insurance sector in Burundi

The association of insurers in Burundi- ASSUR has organized a two-day general meeting of insurance in Burundi which started this November 15 in Ngozi Province. The aim of the meeting is to boost the insurance industry in Burundi. Trinitas Girukwishaka, ASSUR representative, says the insurance sector in Burundi has opportunities and challenges that need to […] (...)

Diabetic patients ask government to reduce drug prices

While the world celebrates the Diabetes Day each 14 November, people suffering from diabetes in Burundi ask the government to help reduce the prices of the drugs. Adidja, a 49 year-old woman, says she was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 37. “I am obliged to have a special diet. I have to consult a […] (...)

Eusébie followers in Bubanza fiercely opposed to vaccination

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EAC Summit :Epistolary war

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