Bella Lucia Nininahazwe

Burundi opens first edition of EAC games

Burundi has officially opened a tournament of EAC games to be held in the towns of Bujumbura, Gitega and Ngozi from 16 to 30 August 2018. Different authorities say it is a great opportunity to reinforce unity and integration within EAC country members. Joseph Butore, the second deputy president, says this tournament is an opportunity […] (...)

Headmaster disguised as student during state exam sentenced to 5 years

Benjamin Manirambona, a headmaster who was caught doing a national exam for his student has been sentenced to 5 years in prison. Mr Manirambona, Buterere Technical School headmaster, was arrested on Friday 10 August while he was taking a national exam in the place of a student. He was later on taken into police custody […] (...)

Survivors of Gatumba massacre ask for justice

14 years after the massacre of more than 160 people mostly made of Banyamulenge refugees from Congo in Gatumba area of Bujumbura province, survivors still demand justice. Nkubana Vyabagabo, a representative of Banyamulenge living in Burundi, says he does not understand why Burundi justice has not yet judged the perpetrators when it said they are […] (...)

Burundian youth complain about lack of support

While the International Youth Day is observed every year on 12 August to draw attention to youth issues worldwide, Burundian youth complain about the lack of support from their elders. “It is getting more and more difficult to find a job. After the academic journey, I became jobless for 2 years before I got a […] (...)

Police destroy stands in Bujumbura city, owners say it is injustice

The municipal administration and police authorities have proceeded with the destruction of “stands that don’t meet the required standards” at Hakizimana Gallery, commonly called “Mugatoki”, in Bujumbura town on Thursday, August 9th. Owners denounce the act. A saleswoman met on the spot says not to understand why they have destroyed their stands. «I rent this […] (...)

Victims of human trafficking fear for their security

Treated as slaves in India, two young Burundians lodged a complaint on their return in July 2018. An Indian man was first jailed in Mpimba Central Prison and released on August 03. The two young men fear for their security. Helped by an Indian citizen living in Burundi known as Joshua, Fabrice Ndikumana and Jean […] (...)

60,000 final year post-fundamental school students sit for state exam

About 60,000 graders in the final year of the post-fundamental school in Burundi have sat for the state exam this August 07, 2018. In Bujumbura city, some minor irregularities were observed. At 8h30 in the morning, we are at “Lycée Notre Dame de Rohero”, in the centre of Bujumbura capital. Teachers, directors of different schools […] (...)

Health professionals issue alert on possible Ebola outbreak in Burundi

Declared to be at 2000km from Burundi in May 2018, Ebola virus is reported to be at less than 400km this August 6, 2018. Health professionals in Burundi are deeply concerned. Dr Kazadi Mlombo Walter, WHO representative in Burundi, says risks to see the Ebola virus spread to Burundi is increasing. “On August 4th , […] (...)

Burundian refugees should go home!

Tanzanian authorities conducted a massive campaign to incite Burundian refugees to return home. The latter fear an imminent “forced” repatriation. Several organizations pull the emergency cord. Speeches and acts of Tanzanian high authorities that sound like threats to Burundian refugees. Their speeches are about peace and security in Burundi. Refugees must not drag their feet. […] (...)

25 street children arrested in Rumonge commune

At least 25 children were arrested on August 1st 2018 in Rumonge commune. 15 of them are hosted by FVS AMADE, an association that protects orphans and vulnerable children, while ten others are still kept by the police until this august 02. Those children are aged between 8 and 16 and slept in gutters or […] (...)
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