Bella Lucia Nininahazwe

Japanese Embassy to give 250 tons of sardines to Burundi school canteens

Japanese Embassy in Burundi has promised to give 250 tons of sardines to the World Food Program (WFP). The gift will be used in the school canteen program. The donation which is valued at US $ 1.7 million, and more than 270,000 schoolchildren and students in 300 primary schools will benefit from it for over […] (...)

COSYBU appreciates existence of National Social Dialogue Committee on employees’ problems.

While on February 18, 2019, the world celebrates Global Day of Action for the Right to Strike, the Confederation of Burundi Employees’ Unions –COSYBU salutes the presence of the National Social Dialogue Committee. Tharcisse Gahungu says all employees have the right to strike as stipulated by the national labor code and the lnternational Labour Organization […] (...)

Thirteen people arrested over land issue

At least 30 persons have staged a sit in before the ombudsman’s office asking him to release their 13 relatives arrested over land issues. A member of the concerned family says their relatives were arrested because they refused to sign a document that gives the right of exploitation to one of the ‘people who claim […] (...)

Newly constructed presidential palace handed over to Burundian Authorities

The Ambassador of China to Burundi has officially handed over the presidential palace to the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Second Vice President this February 14, 2019. Li Changlin, says it is a pleasure to hand over this presidential palace which is built in Gasenyi area in the north of Bujumbura, to the government […] (...)

Radio stations to unite people during electoral period

Burundian radio stations are called to be the main tool to unite people especially during the electoral period. Nestor Nkurunziza, journalist Analyst, says journalists need to be aware of the different stages of the electoral process and work accordingly to unite people. “The elections are prepared since the normal period. Radios must help the population […] (...)

Epileptics suffer from lack of medicine

Epileptic people in Burundi say they still face lack of medicines because they are very expensive. Jean Pierre Nshimirimana, the legal representative of the Centre of Action against Epilepsy – APLE, says most of Burundians cannot afford to buy anti-epileptic drugs. “Like some other brain related medicines, anti-epileptic drugs are very expensive and most of […] (...)

Sick Burundians faced with several challenges

From carelessness of health professionals to lack of medicines, sick Burundians say they suffer a number of problems. Sylvain Habanabakize, spokesperson for the network of patients in Burundi-CEMABU says sick people still struggle to access adequate health care because of the irresponsible behavior of some health workers. “There are some health professionals who still neglect […] (...)

“Burundi: Démocratie piégée”, book that testifies about Burundi painful past

Former president Sylvestre Ntibantunganya, officially launched his book “Burundi: Démocratiepiégée” this February 8, 2019. The book tells about the country’s painful past.   Sylvestre Ntibantunganya says he wrote the book because key political actors in Burundi’s history have a duty to testify to the country’s painful past to prepare for a bright future. He also […] (...)

Gasenyi residents claim compensation

Some inhabitants of Gasenyi area have staged a sit-in before the chief of Gasenyi area’s house this February 7, 2019. They ask him to be actively involved in their claim for compensation. A woman aged 30 living in Gasenyi area says there are houses which were being built but the construction activities were suspended. “There […] (...)

Buterere residents stage sit-in before Ombudsman office

The government has given a period of one month to the people residing all around Buterere wastewater treatment plant in Ntahangwa urban commune to leave the locality. They have decided to stage a sit-in before the Ombudsman’s office asking him to help resolve the problem. Women, Children, men, young and old people with writings denouncing […] (...)
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